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Calendar module width limit

  • Hello all !

    My installation is on a rpi3. My mirror/screen is a 20’ with a 1650*1050 resolution. MM² and modules are up to date.

    I use Calendar module for a while, his position on the mirror is top_left.

    Recently I add some other calendars with some long name meetings.
    I got a strange behavior : the calendar module expands from the left of the screen to the middle. This happens when long name event are schedule.
    I tried MyCalendar module which is based on Calendar. Same thing happens.

    So is there a way to limit the width of the calendar module to prevent it spreading on the half of the screen ?

    Thanks for your help !

  • @yomm There are different regions, but most will expand to try to accommodate your content/text.

    See this post moments ago here, where I give advice on how to limit the width. In your case, I believe the selector is .module.calendar.

    You can also use the CSS word-wrap property to make your events break to the next line, or text-overflow to display an ellipsis when they’re cut off.

  • Thank you ninjjabreadman !

    Exactly what I need !

    .module.MMM-MyCalendar {
    max-width: 300px; 

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