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Messed up CSS between Portrait and Landscape monitors

  • Hello,
    In order to use Mykle1 MMM.Lucy, on my spare PC, I thought to save a lot of time by simply adding all the files from my Pi folder which is connected to a portrait monitor, that I have obviously altered CSS to suit that, and my PC Monitor being Landscape, makes MM squashed using the same CSS files for the several modules - Wunderground, Simple Logo, Calendar monthly, Compliments, News feed.

    I have only needed to perform these changes once, and that was over a year ago, so obviously I cannot remember what I done/altered, and what the defaults were, so I could get things looking perfect on the Landscape, as they do on the portrait.

    Can anyone please push me towards how/what I can change in the CSS so that it looks right? I will include the files from each Module if you want to see them all?
    I am not sure if the padding needs altered back, as that was altered last year to maximise screen width for the portrait mirror, so unsure if that same padding will be okay on Landscape?

    As you can see from image, it looks like the bottom half has overlaid on top half, so I removed simple logos so you can see better, and also waited until news feed faded, and compliments faded, to let you see how odd things are, although I am happy enough with clock date size.

    Many thanks for all pointers given

  • I have been playing about with the font sizes and line height for the last 2 hours, but all I am doing is messing things up worse, and reverting back again to try other things, but really not sure what to try.

    Is this a simple case of making the zones smaller so everything fits accordingly? if so, can someone point me where to alter those to try? Thanks

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    Have you tried renaming your custom.css file and using the default (empty)? Then, taking the entries from your renamed css file, one by one, and adding them to your new custom.css file? That would be my approach, for what it’s worth.

  • Hi @Damian,

    I’m on my phone atm, so will try to look in more detail later. It depends on the screen resolution, but also (as I’m sure you realize) you can fit less vertically with a landscape display.

    You’re is a complicated question. I recommend a combination of repositioning and resizing.

    First, you may want to see what (else) you can move to top_center and bottom_center to make more room. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use those, you could make .region.left and .region.right wider (say, 50%). But you don’t have any text “wrapping” to new lines in your module, so in your case won’t help much.

    Second, you can resize by changing the font-size for the entire page (in your custom.css) like this:

    body {
    font-size: 73%;

    This value will then be inherited by (or “cascade to”, hence CSS) by all other elements in the DOM (i.e. on the page). You can also change the font-size of a specific module; your “family home” calendar seems like a great contender.

    Finally, you may also want to limit the width of your newsfeed.

    I think this should put you on the right course. Post any questions, let us know how you fare. I’ll check in later to help if I can.

  • Thanks for the input guys, I have managed to reduce the news feed, which now looks more in keeping with screen size, but I cannot make compliments any slimmer - more central and not spreading over my weather and calendars?

    I have just removed simple logo as that was just impossible to place anywhere.

    The weather, calendar monthly, on left, and home calendar on right, goes weird with any alteration to font sizing, half of calendar goes off screen to right, and weather icons drop from grouping, meaning the temp now goes under the cloud instead of being close together.

    I understand what you mean by having more flexibility when using in portrait, but I would have thought that there was some way of reducing say the weather sizing as a whole, same as calendars? By shrinking the zone/padding or whatever constraints they work under?

    Portrait seems really easy and straight forward, but surely there must be another set of rules for landscape users of calendar and wunderground?

    I wanted to sort all this out perfect before I started on MMM. Lucy, so I can fit the image in there somehow, but looks like I have my work cut out to re-arrange and minimise what I have now, first.

    Edit. Even if there was a way to shrink Compliments, for now that would be acceptable until I get more time to play around trying to shrink wunderground, calendar monthly, and my family calendar. It just takes up whole width of screen and looks horrible 😯

  • 0_1519598769773_final final.jpg

  • @Damian Does this work?

    .module.compliments {
    font-size: 73%;

  • @ninjabreadman

    Unfortunatley not ☹
    I am now at a loss as to what to try now as this is first time trying MM on Landscape, and I am not liking it at all because I am unsure how to minimise the modules… a simple Zoom out would be perfect as my screen looks like its 100% zoomed in.😣

  • @Damian Use the built-in DOM inspector to see what styles are currently applied. Right-click on the compliments module and select “Inspect”.

    Worst case, using !important should work:

    .module.compliments {
    font-size: 73% !important;

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