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Home Energy Usage on my Mirror?

  • Hi all,

    I am currently a student living in a renewable energy home on my campus. We are capturing loads of data every minute (~1.5GB / month) and the data is being sent to a website called SiteSage, where we can monitor the home’s power usage.

    On the website, there is a chart(see below) that shows the daily (weekly, monthly or yearly) energy usage of the home. I would like to display the daily chart on my Magic Mirror, but I am not sure where to find the necessary tutorials to write my own module for the mirror that will accomplish my goal.

    Some general questions I have.

    • Is it possible for me to create a module that can speak to the SiteSage website and grab the chart from the website?
    • Are there any tutorials for writing modules from scratch?

    Thanks for your responses - this is a great community!


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    In addition to strawberry it looks like it is rather complicated getting access to the SiteSage API. Looking at various threads on the SiteSage support portal it requires approval from the sales guys and maybe a technical approval from your campus it department.

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