Touch screen over two way mirror

  • I would like to build magic mirror photo booth. Besides LCD monitor and two way mirror I should use touch screen overlay. What would be better a touch screen foil or touch screen overlay usb?

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    I have no experience with either, but I would guess the USB screen overlay is better.

  • Hey,did you manage to build the mirror photo booth?
    I would like to build one too…I have read on internet haw is made ,but i am confused.What i need to do one mirror photo booth.
    How i can make the mirror to be toch screen?
    If you have some project,can you help me,please?

  • I’m still working on my mirror, but I’ve bought a IR frame from aliexpress and it works good!

  • Hi all…
    I would also like to make my own magic mirror photo booth. I did a lot of research on internet. Who could solve the issue of the touchscreen functionality using a two way mirror? Does it work like this, that you put an IR frame on the mirror? Which IR frame did you choose? and my last question… which mirror booth software did you choose?

    Thanks a lot

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    IR-frame or touchfoil would work, IR frames are slightly cheaper and touchoils have the advantage that they are mounted on the inside instead of the outside

  • @broberg thanks a lot for this first information… can I buy every two way mirror for this, or should I consider something special?

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    @r0mantic0 you can get any mirror you like, neither the ir frame or touchfoil cares about what mirror you use.

    The only thing I can think of is that the touchfoil could be a bit cranky if you use an acrylic mirror and not glass, due to the fact that touchfoils are capacative.

  • @r0mantic0 I was thinking to use a mirror from the company Pilkington (MirroView OR Mirropane Spy). Then I think the IR frame should 100% work, but maybe it is better to use a touchfoil in this case (?)

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    @r0mantic0 the pilkington mirroview will be a good choice, personally I would go with the touchfoil, then you have no limitations on how the frame is built, the ir frame need to protrude a bit from the glass.

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