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Help,please. iFrame wont display ANYTHING // Already read ALL other Threads regarding that

  • So as the Title may gave it away, I was trying to implement this MMM-iframe .

    But its not displaying anything. The URL was found in this Forum seemed to be working for others thats why I used it for testing.

    When I check the Console it keeps getting a GET Error on localhost:8080/(some random letter) like :" GET http://localhost:8080/t 404 (Not Found)"
    Sometimes its c instead of t etc.
    Openweather its throwing me GET errors too but works flawlessly as well as the Calender GET errors but working perfectly.

    Also tried running node server and checking browser, no luck.

    I’d appreciate any help


                            module: 'iFrame',
                            position: 'top_center', 
                            config: {
                                    scrolling: "no",
                                    url: "", 
                                    updateInterval: 0.5 * 60 * 1000, // rotate URLs every 30 seconds
                                    width: "300px", // Optional. Default: 100%
                                    height: "100px", //Optional. Default: 100px

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    @LuiDavinci you have two main issues, first the module is MMM-iFrame and not iFrame, second the url has to be an array url: [""], with those changes I can see it on my monitor.

    Furthermore, the documentation gives no details about a scrolling config option

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  • @strawberry-3.141 already tried both of those things, then I renamed the Module everywhere to iFrame… however after your Suggestions I changed everything back and tried it with an Array and MMM-iFrame… and still nothing… unfortunately

  • Ok I “solved” it… I did the first freaking rule, I deleted the Module and reinstalled it, and now it works I didnt change anything in the config file… smh

    BTW: yes scrolling is an option, its not in the Docs but if you check the actual files you see that it is possible