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Hi There

  • Hi! I have been following these projects for quite a while and decided it was finally time to create one of these smart mirrors.

    I have created a custom module for my Emby Media Server (I am a plugin developer over at

    My mirror now connects to Emby and tells me about ‘nextup’ tv episodes and new movies available in my library to watch… cool!

    I’m going to install my custom Alexa skills as well so it will control my smart home just like the echos around the house.
    Tapping into Embys DLNA server, the mirror will start playback of media on all the devices around just like the echos do.

    I’m also going to add motion detection to the mirror to get it to come alive when someone is in front of it.

    I’m interested in the IpCam modules because I have also created a custom Alexa skill/Server which allows Alexa to describe people in Security Camera footage, by way of Microsoft Cognitive Sense API.

    When I ask Alexa who is at the door, it returns a string description of the person/people in the footage {Approx Age}/{Gender}/{Accessories}. I would also like to have the mirror show footage during this time as well.

    Here are some pics so far!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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