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Is there a module that conditionally shows/hides one module based on the state of another?

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    I’ve made an information centre for my kitchen, and have used all of the screen space. One of my modules is only visible when it has information to display. When it does, it pushes the module below it partially off-screen.

    I’d like to configure this such that when module A is visible, module B is hidden, and when A is hidden, B is visible. Does a module currently exist to do this?

  • @j.e.f.f Not that I’m aware. What about injecting JavaScript with a timer, such that "if Module 2 has an offsetHeight of greater than x, hide Module 1; else, show Module 1? Otherwise, I can imagine using the module notification system to advise Module 2 has content and to have Module 1 hide itself, and vice-versa.

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