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Running Magic mirror in 4K on an Asus Tinkerboard

  • Hi All,

    after much messing about to get this running, I found out that the Tinkerboard only supports “egl”, so I’ve had to modify the to include the “–use-gl=egl” parameter for electron.

    It’s spinning the globe ( relativly smoothly in 4K, quite an achievement (overclocked the CPU to 1Ghz, though I’m not sure that helps).


  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    How does the Tinkerboard handle 4K at the GUI level? Is it similar to how a MacOS handles retina? e.g.: Logical resolution is 1920 x 1200, but the physical resolution is 3480 x 2400 and OS takes care of mapping imagery to physical pixels (i.e.: 200x200 pixel image sized to 100x100 will take up 100x100 logical pixels, but will render to 200x200 physical pixels)

    Or does the OS simply use the 4K physical pixel dimensions as-is? meaning that everything looks really small?

  • Everything just looks really small. But that’s just how I want ut. I’ll be using a 55 inch screen on 4K, so the text should be quite ‘large’ when you stand 1 meter (3 feet) from the screen. I am mostly doing it for the increased real estate. Also using OLED, so black is black and I don’t get a square on the mirror.

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