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Display and Connection to the Pi3

  • Hello guys,

    i want to test a bit with my Pi and i will buy a display ( LTN101NT08 ) with a 40 pin LED screen socket.
    It is a 10.1-inch WideScreen (8.74"x4.92") with 1024x600.

    Now the question - Whats the best way to connect it with my Pi?
    Can u give me some advices which way of the connection i should choose and which hardware i could buy?

    alt text

    Best Regards

  • Moderator

    My knee jerk answer is to find the model of the screen, and search eBay for a driver for it. The driver board will have the ribbon cable you need to connect to that, and the board will have the standard HDMI input on it. Simply typing in ‘lcd driver board’ on eBay’s search bar will get you a long list of them. By also entering the model of the screen, you can narrow that down.

  • Moderator

    Just entering 'LTN101NT08 display board'and this was the first result:

    VGA, HDMI, looks like composite. Remote control, speakers, buttons panel … All the fixings for a custom built frame.

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