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V2.3.0 Updates

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    [2.3.0] - 2018-04-01


    • Add new settings in compliments module: setting time intervals for morning and afternoon
    • Add system notification MODULE_DOM_CREATED for notifying each module when their Dom has been fully loaded.
    • Add types for module.
    • Implement Danger.js to notify contributors when is missing in PR.
    • Allow to scroll in full page article view of default newsfeed module with gesture events from MMM-Gestures
    • Changed ‘compliments.js’ - update DOM if remote compliments are loaded instead of waiting one updateInterval to show custom compliments
    • Automated unit tests utils, deprecated, translator, cloneObject(lockstrings)
    • Automated integration tests translations
    • Add advanced filtering to the excludedEvents configuration of the default calendar module
    • New currentweather module config option: showFeelsLike: Shows how it actually feels like. (wind chill or heat index)
    • New currentweather module config option: useKMPHwind: adds an option to see wind speed in Kmph instead of just m/s or Beaufort.
    • Add dc:date to parsing in newsfeed module, which allows parsing of more rss feeds.


    • Add link to GitHub repository which contains the respective Dockerfile.
    • Optimized automated unit tests cloneObject, cmpVersions
    • Update notifications use now translation templates instead of normal strings.
    • Yarn can be used now as an installation tool
    • Changed Electron dependency to v1.7.13.


    • News article in fullscreen (iframe) is now shown in front of modules.
    • Forecast respects maxNumberOfDays regardless of endpoint.
    • Fix exception on translation of objects.

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    [2.3.1] - 2018-04-01


    • Downgrade electron to 1.4.15 to solve the black screen issue.#1243

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