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First mirror

  • So I finally made my first mirror. Been lurking on this forum for a couple of weeks, and it’s helped enormously. Anyway, I got an old tv from my girlfriend and built a frame from some lovely walnut wood I had intended to use for something else. I knew very little about raspberry pis, but had one lying around and thought why not go all out and try to finish it. Glad I did!
    The glass is 6mm thick 2 way glass at 24" x 14" from a company in Tipperary, which they shipped to Dublin for me.
    I got the code from all of the great modules on here, such as my local bus time table, my calendar, a trello todo list board (so my girlfriend and I can both update it from our phones if needs be), and some RSS feeds and the usual weather forecasting stuff. We both love it! Think it’s going to prove very useful.

    Still don’t have the IR sensor installed, would love for this to be something I could turn off or on more easily than my current setup (like a proximity sensor or something) , but ya gotta start somewhere!
    Anyway, hope you like it!


  • This looks great! Weldone!

    Have you ever heard of Microwave Radar Induction Switch Human Motion Sensor Module

    pretty neat stuff. you could have the mirror turn on when it is triggered to high.

    Then only have those reading matter during certain times of day 🙂

  • @chef Thanks for that! Sounds great! I had actually bought an IR sensor, but it didn’t come with the wiring necessary to hook it up to the pi. I was eager to get it up and running so just went ahead without it. Besides, I know nothing about electronics so was kinda hoping to find simpler tutorials on how to do it than I had done to date. Still, happy with how it turned out, I can always upgrade it later.

    Thanks man!

  • @sforsyth said in First mirror:

    a trello todo list board (so my girlfriend and I can both update it from our phones if needs be),

    Great mirror, look very neat.
    Where is that Trello mod to be found?

    Can you also give contact info to mirror company?

  • It was somewhere here on this forum. Just did a search for trello. Can look onto it again when I’m home tonight if you need it? The mirror company was Clonmell Glass in Tipperary. Just ask for 6mm spy mirror.

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