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SolarEdge Module

  • SolarEdge has a very nice API for their PV system. Would it not be nice to use it and add some relevant Solar Panel info (e.g. day, week, month, all time energy production) on the MagicMirror? I’m surprised there are no Solar monitoring modules in the list yet. Has anyone already built a module for SolarEdge? Can anybody help?

    Thank you!

  • Module Developer

    I wrote one for pulling data from the Enphase Envoy-C (directly, but only ones with old firmware). There is also one for pulling from Enphase Enlighten API (couldn’t get an API key for reasons to date I can’t figure out)

    I also believe there is one for PVOutput.

    You may also find an openHAB plugin exists for your system, and then you can use MMM-Openhab.

    My MMM-EnphaseEnvoy module could easily be modified to fetch data from other sources if you want very simple display - it is limited to current power, generated today, this week, and lifetime.


  • Thanks Earle for the reply. I ended up using MMM-json-feed and changing the source to match my feed. Works perfectly.

    • Arjan555

  • @arjan555 Hi, I just installed MM-json-feed and have my API for SolarEdge. Is there any chance you could share your module configuration please?
    I am using this URL but it returns a lot of unformatted data with curly brackets etc. Is there a way to only show a few of the values in a nice format? site/[sitid]/overview?api_key=[api key]

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