Can't view MM on LG TV WebOS browser - others fine

  • Hey all,
    I’m new to MM, and loving it! I’m a heavy home automation enthusiast, so I quickly integrated this in to OpenHAB, and am running MM off a VM as a “server only” node, whitelisting my /24 network, and viewing the MM interface via full screen browser on some devices, tablets; works fantastic! My next step was to throw it on the built-in browser of my TV. It’s a new LG OLED, running WebOS, and it’s built-in browser is a Chrome variant. When trying to load my MM web interface, I see the title in the browser tab, “MagicMirror”, but the page itself never loads. I also notice back on my MM server, I don’t see the usual lines in the SSH session I see when other browsers connect to it.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for logs to evaluate for possible clues? I’d love to be able to use MM natively on my TV without even needing to stand up a rPi physically attached as a client, although I will likely end up that route if this proves impossible.


  • Module Developer

    I don’t have any ideas for you, except to say that I never even thought about trying this - I’m going to try it on my Samsung tv!

    I would reduce the config down to the default, and then eliminate modules to see if anything works.

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