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Question? What's the best screen type? LCD, LCD, IOS, etc?

  • What’s the best screen type. On the forum you are a lot of mirrors where they got problems with bleeding.
    In other words you can see the screen contours through the mirror.
    What’s the best specs combination, screen type and glass, etc. So you can’t see the screen through the mirror but only the text pictures you want to show?

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    @MarkV - I don’t think the various technologies make much of a difference, honestly. Turn the contrast up and turn the backlight down and you should have a seamless image in your mirror.

    Stick with an LCD monitor for thickness sake (instead of CRT). Other than that… the key features I look for are downward-facing ports, HDMI input and built-in speakers. OLED is nice if you’re gaming, but your mirror most likely is going to be displaying white on black.

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    OLED if you can afford it (due to the fact that it doesn’t has backlight), You have to look att screens with high contrast and where black is really black.

    Every traditional screen with back lit panels will have a glow that shines through, all depending on what percentage of light transmission the glass has. Lower light transmission means less light goes through which means that the weaker the light source the less gets through.
    And this is where it gets tricky, If you want to remove visible backlight edges you need a low light transmission (like 2-3% low if you have the mirror in a darker room, you would however still see it when the it’s completely dark). But then the text etc would be rally hard to see when the room lights are on.
    And if you go in the opposite direction, say like the Pilkington Mirroview 50/50 with 50% light transmission you will most definitely see the backlight edges even in a normal lit room but everything will be visible pretty much like a screen without a mirror in front of it. This is a great option if you are going to have the mirror on display outside or in brightly lit places.

    The most easily obtained brand and model, at least in Europe, is the Pilkington Mirroview with a light transmission of 20% which is a good compromise that works in most lighting conditions.

    In my opinion 10% light transmission is an ideal number for normal lit rooms with few or no windows, it will minimize backlight edges but still be easily enough to see text that is being displayed. In my country however there is no such option. North Americans does have access to the Pilkington Mirropane (NOT Mirropane chrome) glass that has a light transmission of 11% and it’s the glass I would love to have, but can’t get.

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