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Slim display due to thin space

  • Yeah I know - the 20th or so topic in regards to “monitors/display”. I have however read trough most of them and didnt find an answer to “my” question.

    I am building my MM in a door of a bathroom-closet. That means I only have the thickness of the door to place all the parts in it. Hence I only got about 1,5cm room.

    Now I saw various topics about people saying “take whatever monitor you find”. However the last one I dismantled had the control pannel behind it and was extraordinary thick. So I do not know which monitor is okay or what I have to pay attention to (well besides plugs to the side and downwards)

    So do you guys have any suggestions for a slimmer version of the whole monitor/pannel that a student can afford? ^^’

    The mirror is 45*67 cm - so I got some room to work with in regards to the display-size.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes. English aint my first language.

  • you’re not going to be able to work with 1.5cm room

  • Maybe look into a laptop screen, though I don’t think you would be able to find one to fit your whole mirror.
    I use my old laptop’s 15.6in screen with a controller board. The screen and controller board are less than 1.5cm thick but the power brick is about 4 cm thick if i recall correctly.
    I never got around to building a frame for it so it just sits on a desk(I don’t use a mirror).

  • @albertlwj
    I have 1.5cm for the monitor and the pi - for power and such i can use the space of the closet itself.
    The questions aims towards if somebody has a “regular monitor” that i could use which isnt as thick.

    Yeah i got my old laptop screen at sitting there with a wrong control panel (wrong panel id on the company homepage) but i was thinking about / hoping for a bigger screen solution

  • why don’t u have a new door rebuilt? the extra space you get would be totally customed to your specs, and it would be much cheaper than obtaining a large screen that’s 1.5cm or less.

  • @Kastore Why not just let the mirror extend past the back of the door? Are there shelves? Just let your mirror wear a backpack.

  • @albertlwj
    Not sure if that fixes the problem since i then have a “bigger” door and thus not more space.

    I wanted to keep it “clean” and not have a huge bulky frame behind the door.

    And yes there a shelves behind the door. So i may have a little bit more space to work with but as mentioned i aim for getting the whole thing “inside” the door

    I just started working somewhere new and they had monitors that are super thing: LG 24MB56HQ-B. I am trying to find something along that line.
    Problem with that specific monitor is that they got the plug facing “backwards” and not down 😕

  • Well, the Raspberry Pi alone is already a fatty with its LAN and USB ports. How will you deal with that? What about the power supply and the heat release? The space you have is tiny. If you every manage to make it fit neatly you should definitely post pictures 🙂

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    Tha panels themselfs usually isn’t as thick as the total monitor, the electronics are the thick parts, some soldering and new cables and you should be able to move it all to the side inside the cabinet

  • @broberg
    oh totally forgot that I could do that!! Man… i am an academic and totally lost sight of that solution!
    I think I have a look at the price of the monitor i found and we see 😃

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