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MMM-PIR-Sensor problems

  • Have you tried to set the timer potentiometer (Haltezeit in your picture) on the PIR-sensor to minimum? I have the very same PIR-sensors and they are working very well without any additional resistors.

  • Ok, think, it is working… not perfectly, but working.

    Could you take a picture of your potent meters AND jumper ?
    Have set them both to the left position. Would help a lot.

    A lot of people are walking the way the mirror is mounted to the wall. Finally, I would like the mirror to switch on if a person stays in front of it for 10 seconds. Don’t know exactly how to do this.

    At the moment it switches on in 1 second.

  • @blebbens alt text
    That’s a picture I took before mounting it to the wall. Taking a new picture will be a bit difficult now. Hope it helps.
    Btw, I don’t use the MMM-PIR-sensor module. Initially I did though and I didn’t change the jumper. The sensor is set to “high”, in case it’s not clear from the picture.

  • I put the potentio meters to the left position - like in your picture.

    The screen switches on in seconds… looking for a possibility to turn it on if someone stands in front of the mirror for 10 seconds.

    Using MagicMirror-Display-Controller instead of MMM-PIR-SENSOR.

    Hope, this could be done using right “time” potentio meter. Not sure.

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