Google Location Sharing Module

  • I just recently started using Magic Mirror and navigating the 3rd party modules. It is really awesome to see the community that has developed from this effort. Like many, I am using my Mirror as a family dashboard. Something that I feel would be really helpful to add to the mirror is using Google Location sharing to display the location of different family members on the Mirror in a list format. I have searched through and seen many modules using Google Maps API but nothing specific to Location sharing.

    I am actively building on my beginner JS skill set and feel this task is well over my head at the moment. I will continue researching this but feel someone out there could create the module much, much, faster then myself.

    Thanks again to all.

  • I was able to do this with shuttles using this app and mmm-iframe-reload

  • Appears someone is cracking the nut and just needs to be ported.

  • My module GeoTracking might be helpful…

  • This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever come across with MagicMirror. Workaround solutions may be great for some situations, however, I would warmly welcome a native Google shared locations implementation, as originally suggested by skuub.
    Any prospects, guys?