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no space on SD-card

  • Re: No free space on SD-card
    my problem si back. But now it’s worse - Raspberry doesn’t boot at all - freeze in different time…GUI doesn’t start. I’ve the SD in my Mac and there is no space. I deleted old modules… What else I can delete? I can’t access folders like “root”, or delete files in /var/logs probably cause of access restrictions. Is there way, how to boot MM to CLI by pressing any key-combination?


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    @zdenek First, how big is your SD card?

    Second, you can probably copy off the config.js file out of the /home/pi/MagicMirror/configure folder and then delete the entire /home/pi/MagicMirror folder. That should give you enough space to get your Pi back up & running.

    Third, you can remove the applications that come with the Raspian operating system that aren’t necessary for the Magic Mirror to function with this command:
    sudo apt-get remove --purge idle3 java-common libreoffice* minecraft-pi scratch nuscratch penguinspuzzle python-minecraftpi python3-minecraftpi smartsim sonic-pi wolfram-engine
    Follow it up with the automated cleanup: sudo apt-get autoremove -y.

    That should free up some space once you get your Pi booted again.

  • @bhepler thank 4 for answer…

    1. 8GB
    2. not possible, cause Rapsberry stopped to start at all
    3. already did before…

    finally, I took 32 GB, start from the very begin… I found a way, how to install in Virtualbox on my Mac Ubuntu and mount old SD card, so I can get copy of MM folder. So now, I’ve almost done, just some modules need to get work, but the main modules are working


  • 8 GB definitely way too small. You need 32 GB min, especially if you plan to keep the card running more than 6 months striaght. (There’s a limit how many times you can write to a card.), Also for speed make sure it’s at least classed as 10 / U1, but best performance is with a A1/2.

  • @E3V3A thx. At the moment I’ve there 32 GB card. And for sure, after I’ll finalize the layout of my Mirror, I’ll do a clone of the SD card 🙂


  • try going to the service station.
    they help. or use
    Or try reinstalling raspberry.

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