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mmm-assistant. installed - running - not answering :-)

  • Hi as per title
    installed latest mmm-assistant
    it seems to me there are a couple of naming mismatches in google account json files naming btw) +
    the umdl files found in resources directory on github was leading to an error at runtime when run (pointing to “corrupt” file for model)
    after substituting those with the ones found in umdl folder on github it runs but I have no feedback.

    I am sure mic and speakers work: i have alexapi too and it works (there I have another problem…can’t install extra skills…anyone has that too?)

    Anyway if I try to run MM (after stopping alexapi service of course) I have no feedback.

    I am sure it is a local problem as on google backend I have no trace of api calls (not even unsuccessfull attempts).

    How can I debug / get further hints at what is happening or rather not happening


  • Hi @dvbit,
    Sorry for repo silence, i’ve been busy and I have no idea what happened to eouia…
    I’ll look into this in ~2-3 days. Sorry.

  • @E3V3A thanks no problem . Everybody here is doing it for the fun and on best effort.
    Thanks for helping .
    I will try to dig further in the meantime

  • @dvbit did you ever figure this out? I have mine running and I hear the ding when the MM starts. I also have the icon in the right location but no commands are recognized.

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