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Need help to install a script that makes pixel shift, to avoid static screen burn

  • Hi, I have an almost perfectly working mirror installed in my wardrobe, but I have problems with screen burn, as the screen is on 24/7. Im one of those guys who can follow an instruction, and perhaps even tweek a little bit with the settings, but have no idea how to make a module, even when the content of the module is described to me…

    So, I want the pixels to shift slightly ever so often to avoid the burn. This was (I guess) pretty well described in this thread: but unfortunately I dont know how to install this files. Tried to find out by myself but failed. So - given the content written in the above thread, could anyone please guide me in the installation process? Or in any other way please help med with this pixel shift.

    Thanks great people!

  • @kj3rra Not sure that @strawberry-3.141 will agree with the approach, but you can actually achieve the same thing with just CSS animations (and avoid creating a module).

    Try either the following in your css/custom.css file:

     /* this will cause the image to fade out for about 2 seconds every 2 minutes */
    body{ animation: fading 60s infinite alternate; }
    @keyframes fading {
      0%, 98% { opacity: 1; }
      100% { opacity: 0; }

    - or -

     /* this will cause the image to slide down, across 10px after 30 seconds, for 30 seconds, then back up */
    body{ animation: slide 60s linear infinite alternate;}
    @keyframes slide {
      0%, 49% { transform: translate(0, 0); }
      50%, 100% { transform: translate(10px, 10px); }

    You can adjust the time value (i.e. 60s) to more/less as you like (but be careful, 2% of one hour is over 2 minutes). You can also adjust the percentages, and use decimal percents, like 0.5% if needed. CSS 2D transforms should not take too much memory or cause issues on an RPi. I assume that Chromium/Electron supports CSS 3 animations. YMMV.

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