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Need simple module to switch between 2 texts

  • Hi,
    Is there any module where I can write two texts and then the module will switch between the texts every day?

    So if text 1 = ‘Blue’ and text 2 = ‘Yellow’, then the first day MMM will show ‘Blue’ and second day MMM will show ‘Yellow’.
    This should be repeated in an infinity loop.

    As a nice twist it would be even better that if the MMM is restarted it will start at the text that it stopped with.

  • @janne Not much help in here - Though I could see this as a smart feature where a task can be divided between people. And the task will be assigned to a new person each day. If it was possible to make a file with the assigned person each night (with cron) and then MMM should only show the content of the txt-file. Then the next thing will how to create this cron entry.

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