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Newsfeed : How to keep "showDescription" after leaving the full article?

  • Hi,

    I would like to see the description of the news in the newsfeed all the time.
    So, like mentioned in the options, I changed the “showDescription = false” in the newsfeed.js to “true”.
    It works fine. I can see the description of every article without doing anything, even when the articles update.

    The problem is when I use the command “ARTICLE_MORE_DETAILS” to open the full article. It works like a charm, but when I close the full article I use the command “ARTICLE_LESS_DETAILS”. It goes back to the newsfeed but unfortunately without showing the descriptions anymore. I only see the headlines (like “showDescription = false” although “true” is still set of course).

    If I use the command “ARTICLE_MORE_DETAILS” again, the description opens, but the article is freezed - like coded.

    Do you have any idea, how I can leave the full article going back to the “show-description-version”?
    Or instead, how can I remove the freeze?

    Thanks a lot.


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