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How to manually download and use font-awesome icons, for offline operation.

  • Many many modules rely on using a remote “font” source for displaying various icons. However, most icons we ever use, are the same and are very few, throughout the module lifetime.

    For example, I have been thinking about all those calls to the font-awesome site that is being continually generated every time a module refreshes or MM is reloaded. Just to re-fetch the same few icons…

    This seem crazy to me!

    It would be great to hear from someone more knowledgeable how this works with cache in practice and how to best avoid all these calls that are also use to track you.

    As I see it, I would prefer that the icons used could be downloaded upon installation or first run, and then prevented from getting requested again. Any ideas how to make this work?

  • Admin

    Font Awesome is already part of the package. No need to load it externally.
    Checkout this file.

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