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Mirror in Brazil

  • Hello, how are you ?
    Dear, I’m really looking forward to starting my project. But I locked it in the mirror part.
    I can not find a place to buy in my country. Importing by Amazon is an option, but the price of freight is sometimes more expensive than the product.
    Does anyone know if this mirror is made in any glass? Is there a different name?

    Someone who is coming to visit Brazil and can bring one ?? LOL

    I think the only thing that will keep me from realizing this projector will be the mirror. 😞

    I will continue to proucure.

  • Hey! Just saw your post and we ship to Brazil, here is our guide to help you pick the perfect mirror:

    If you go with an Acrylic Two Way Mirror and it’s smaller than 24" x 48" the shipping is much more affordable than the glass options since it is light and isn’t as likely to break during shipping.

    However, if you do want to go with glass, you can still import to Brazil affordably when the mirror is 24" x 36" or smaller and we do have some affordable standard sizes in Glass Smart Mirror & Dielectric Mirror to help keep the cost down. Let me know if you have any questions on our products or guidance on the mirror types.

    Ben Eagan just created a comparison video like ours that addresses the film versus the glass two way as well which I thought was super informative:

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    In addition to TwoWayMirror’s post, check locally with business that sell security and/or construction services to hospitals and police stations. Both of those institutions need large two way mirrors installed during initial construction or renovations. They might be able to point you to a local glass supply business or glazier.

    That said, I’ve used and they’re good people.

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