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WeatherForecast reporting incorrect weater

  • It seems that the weatherforecast is giving incorrect temperatures. Looking at Wed Forecast shows one of the biggest differences (70.7 to 65.8). I have tried changing it to many different local city names and local city location ids and it does not change (still off). I did change it to something far away to ensure the temp would change at some point. I have been working on this for many nights trying to figure out whats wrong. The closest explanation I could come up with is the Days are mislabeled (or pulling from wrong spot in data). I find it ironic that how far off Wednesdays temperatures are and how Wednesday temperature is exactly what the 14:00 temperature is on the graph. Anyone else have a clue what could be wrong? Any things to try to correct this issue?

    alt text

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    I experienced a similar issue, my mirror showing me regularly 7 degrees celsius, although it was 30 degrees outside. This happened every 2nd update, then it jumped to the normal amount again. At that time I found a post, which basically said, they use data from private weather stations (which can produce unreliable data) and a sophisticated model, which might sometimes be wrong. Sounds like nothing we can change, except try different weather APIs.

  • @Jopyth I would understand a difference if I was comparing my mirror display and another weather provider. BUT the pictures are from the openweathermap website. So I am very confused why the source of our data (openweathermap) does not match the mirror’s output. Why doesn’t input match output? I’m unfortunately no programmer by any means. So Im wondering if there are some misselections of what data to pull and where to place it. Because like I said it’s very odd how off it was for Wednesday and how that exact number is at 14:00 on openweathermap’s weather chart.

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    @maesterjay I am not saying I can explain what you found. Again, I experienced a similar thing, I had the 7 degrees on my mirror (and also checked the API output manually - which also said 7 degrees). At the same time I went on to the website (as you did) and there everything was ok. I do not know where this mismatch between API and website comes from.

    But at the time I found the issues I described, I went through the code myself and had a detailed look into the API, the endpoints of the API are definitely the correct ones chosen, it is just, that they output different data, than the website does for whatever reason. Maybe they are calculated separately, or are refreshed at different times? It might be worth a shot, and ask the openweathermap guys.

    I think the exact number matching is a coincidence, since the three hourly data is not even pulled from the API in the magic mirror source code, also there are different endpoints for the current weather, the daily forecast, and the three hourly forecast, they can not be mixed up, and the latter does not even appear in the source code.

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