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MMM–Fuel Text alignment

  • Re: MMM-Fuel

    Hi all,

    i m running my MM with this module and have problems with text alignment. I use this module in bottom_ center location and the text is overall centered. I want to have the text (Names of gas stations etc) aligned to the left. How can I do this?


    Best regards

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @vortex I put the modue in bottom_center and the stations are left aligned see picture, are you sure that you don’t have any rules that are overriding the styles already? 0_1526931480840_fuel.PNG

  • Hi,

    thanks for your reply. Your posted text alignment would be perfect for me! Unfortunately, my text is overall centered and I cannot remember if I have changed anything. I already deleted and re-installed the module but nothing changed…
    Could you post your configuration setting here? Or maybe it is an custom.css issue? Or is it due to my MMM-Sonos module, which is positioned at bottom_left?

    Please help!
    Thank you very much!

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