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Smartmirror with Vue (open source project)

  • Hi
    i really want to show you guys what i have built
    oh before i start, i really thank you all
    i’ve learned so many things in this forum

    at the bigining of planing smartmirror, i want to use really cool module in this forum
    but, i want to use Vue so i decided to learn and use Vue

    anyway, this is my first open source project and first toy project
    so my project is not perfect but i want people to use it easily
    i need your opinion for making better project
    if you find some error, bad code style or anything in my project.
    then please let me know what you find









    part amount
    glass 510mm x 330mm about 14$
    half mirror 1524mm*1M about 20$
    Double-sided tape about 4$
    monitor 24" inch 0$
    scissors, sprayer, roller
    rasberry pi 3 about 45$
    speaker about 45$
    mini easel about 10$
    sum about 138 $


    • searching and playing and saving Youtube video
    • saving, removing and displaying Youtube channel
    • displaying playlist that channel have and listitems that playlist have
    • making my own list which can save youtube video
    • Clock
    • Finedust
    • Weather
    • etc

    check out more information below:




    i want people who want to make smartmirror can make that easily

    i will develop this project regularly

    i will add some functions more

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