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Hi i am new

  • Hi all my name is Darren and recovering from 2 strokes and thought this would be a cool project to build for my kids and help with my cognitive.

    And i cant seem to get any module to work.

    Im having a real hard problem getting google assistant to work cant seem to find any viedos on how to set stuff up

  • Hello Darren, im in the same boat and trust me after Cancer Surgery and 1 Testical removed and a little road to recovery trust me this is a great tool MM to keep the mind off of things and keep me in one place but have a great outcome to feel that we have done something thru the day. I will say this board is great and the people are even better ! wishing you a great recovery and welcome

  • @waynerigley thanks hope you are doing well

    I hope i can find the answers im looking for i learn by seeing how its done words just confuse me i do like videos to watch if you know of any that woukd be sweet

  • @hawkeye did you get all the default modules working ? i would learn how to modify them first before adding technical ones.

  • Hi Darren,

    first of all: strokes suck! My wife had one in 2015 at the age of 37. She recovered well and is almost back to normal. Only the fine motor skills in her right hand still cause trouble but it’s still getting better.

    What have you tried to install your modules? git clone ... and then nmp install? Have you modified your config.js accordingly?
    I have no experience with Google assistant yet, so I can’t help there.

  • @madscientist yes its the part in google itself thats driving me nuts i have registerd the device.

    Basic are set up i have aussie holidays and weather for my town along with aussie herrald sun news feeds its just all the other add ons i cant get to work

  • Hi, I am Almly from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Basically, I am a newbie and hope that contribute an excellent time here, and I want to introduce every member and learn more things here.

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