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Couple of ideas

  • Hi I’m a noob

    Going to start my mirror build after Christmas , doing some reading before I decide which direction I want this project to go, but I have a couple of questions about some ideas I want to know if are possible.

    First was thinking a sensor and the Halloween theme, put some speakers in as well and if u go near mirror some thing scary could pop on the screen and scare people,myopic could use the same thing for a Christmas theme as well , maybe Christmas songs play with a Christmas theme displayed.

    My other idea is why does it just have to be a mirror, again need a sensor, but limited to distance it would activate , so instead it could display art or pics like a electronic picture slideshow, but if u went near mirror within say 2 feet it would switch back to smart mirror.

    Any advice on how about getting this done would be great, I’m not that much of a programmer only had PI a month

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Sounds like you have some great ideas! Perhaps a module that according to date will do different things… perhaps via sensor as well?

    Right now I"m on what I call my Frankenstein mirror… LOL

    It’s an x86 board just hanging here…planning on a 32" version that I would like to be powered up!! To handle the voice stuff better 🙂

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