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Switched to development branch, mirror stopped launching

  • Just like the preview says. I switched to development branch (an issue I had was supposed to be solved in development) and since then the mirror won’t launch Pm2 start mm leads to a success message, that part seems to be working.

    Npm start leads to the following error:

    JavaSript error, unchaught exception.
    cannot file module 'express.ipfilter'

    I tried updating node.js at one point (because I forgot to change directory when I attempted npm start) but haven’t had any other luck otherwise. Anyone else run into this?

  • Moderator

    @Canterrain Please run npm install in your MagicMirror folder (again). It should install the missing dependency.

  • Should have updated, closed. I thought of it right after I posted, and yeah that took care of the problem. Thanks!

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