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Calendar Module - interaction - scrollable - different start dates

  • Module Developer

    Hi to all MM-Builders,

    as i want to use my MM as replacement for a analog family cardboard calendar i have following question/request.

    Is there calendar module, where i can “scroll” throuh the dates?
    As i have a rotary encoder connected to my pi 3 - sending of notifications is no problem.
    Something like “+7” or “-7” (days).

    I checked the default calendar module and guess i have to add “notification received”, but i dont understand, how the module reads an .ics file.

    Is it possible to set a start date, from which the calender entries should be shown?
    So i could manipulate the startdate by notifications from my rotary module (MMM-Navigate).

    Maybe someone has a tip where i can start.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Module Developer

    Hi to all,

    i checked the default calendar module and found an approach:
    If i manipulate following code:
    calendar.js, Line 338:
    var today = moment().startOf("day");’ to var today = moment().subtract(60,'d').startOf("day");


    calendarfetcher.js, Line 74:
    var today = moment().startOf("day").toDate(); to var today = moment().subtract(60,'d').startOf("day").toDate();

    the calendar module of my MM will show calendar entries starting Date of two month ago (today-60 days).

    Now i have to add following functions:

    • notification received function for ±5 days (for example)
    • manipulate variable today with value of notification received
    • pass variable today to the right place in code of calender.js and calendarfetcher.js
    • refresh module after receiving notification
    • stop sending notification from calendar to other modules, in case variable today is manipulated




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