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Voicecommand decide. Official alexa adaption on Raspi or Steven Hicksons Suite (Google)

  • Hi,

    I don´t think the module chapter was the right place to post, so i post here.
    Yesterday evening I look at the post in the “Show your mirror” part. I like to see others Mirror builder and her/his Mirrors. Maybe I can found some new Ieads and inspiration for my own Projekt. And i found something. A guy bulid a voicecomand suite in. Actually I use @alexyak Hotword module. But there was use the PiAUI Suite by Steven Hickson. I found it really interessing. But today I looked into a facebookgroup and see a post about alexa and that amazon now official offer an adaption to Raspberry Pi and a Github link of this Project. Now you haven t to buy a echo. and you don´t need to use a button like the adaptation to Raspberry Pi before.

    And now I don´t know. Should I use Steven Hickson software (and google) or the alexa Project. I think its important to say there was a notice tha you can only use it 120days before the libaries expiered and you have to took a new one. I couldn´t decide… .

    Here the two Links, but I think you know what about I talked.
    The first page it´s in german

    The link to Github:

    And the other Project by Steve (He use google)

    Maybe you can help me.

    Greets gismo

  • I updated to the latest version they posted. It seems to be working well so far. I’m using the KITT.AI wake work engine but didn’t really have time to play with it yet. From what I understood, the sensory engine expires in 120 days(they might extend it) and will need to be reset up but the KITT.Al one should be fine. Time will tell.

  • Yes, that the reason why it´s difficult to decide.

    On this hand there was the notice about the libarys wihch will expired an on the other hand the Suite by Steven which use Google. And in some other forums I read that there a big problem because, Google displayed somethimes between a captcha Page. This should a big problem. And there was was some steps to work arround but no way to controll the Problem.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Well either way you are using an outside source to run the mirror… Like using a NEST Thermostat… it has to go through their server which means they have the ability to control your item.

    I’ve never been a fan of big business knowing my business 😉

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