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  • MMM-tvservice is a module that turns HDMI On or Off using the tvservice program.

    I got the idea from @ianperrin when he implemented notification functionality in MMM-ModuleScheduler. I highly recommend this module for scheduling On and Off times for MMM-tvservice.

    Check out the README ad

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  • I like the idea of having fixed times to switch the mirror on and off, thank you for contributing this module 🙂

    But your config looks unnecessarily complex. I would suggest such a format:

        config: {
            notification_schedule: [
                { HDMI_ON: "30 6 * * *" },
                { HDMI_OFF: "0 23 * * *" },

  • @paphko: the config is not the MMM-tvservice config, it is the MMM-ModuleScheduler config. I am using that module to send the notifications. Send your suggestions to @ianperrin who is the author of MMM-ModuleScheduler.
    However, as the MMM-ModuleScheduler needs to be generic in order to cover a vast number of use cases I think that this added complexity is not an issue.

  • @Alvinger Sorry, my fault - I indeed thought that this were the configuration of the MMM-tvservice module 😇
    But for more convenient configuration of your module, you could consider adding some delegate to the schedule for the proposed format 😉

  • Hi, a little question, I read about the tvservice and that you will be to chance the console at wake up, before you can use your option. So Yesterday I found this you can use vcgencmd display_power 0 / vcgencmd display_power 1 for power down your hdmi port. And it schould be faster and you havent to chanche your console at wake up. I don´t know enough, but could it be a better option for slleping an wake up?

    Here is the link to the webpage, but its in german:

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