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Physical switch initiated with module in MM

  • Hi,

    I have a mirror to which RPI and Apple TV is connected - RPI to DVI, ATV to HDMI connector. I can switch between sources with switch on monitor (actually i extracted those switches and put them into mirror frame).
    But can I use RPI to “click the switch” using RPI’s GPIO?
    If so that it could be awesome to have a module for monitor steering - source selection or volume.
    Then module like MMM-Hover or any other button control module could be used to physically control display itself - there are always 5 or 6 buttons - so this module could just control push of those buttons…

    Can anyone build that kind of module? or maybe there is one already?


  • Module Developer

    One possibility is using a Relay module like this Link.



  • Yes, but still there is need for a module that will get payload from ex. MMM-Swipe (from ultrasonic sensor) and convert it into a GPIO signal sent to relay module or modules (if you want to click 6 physical buttons), right?

  • Module Developer

    If you want just to covert or relay notifications among several modules, check this.

  • This one will be helpful anyway but I need to trigger a relay from a module using GPIO.

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