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MMM-Nest-Camera: Display Live Nest Cameras in Magic Mirror

  • Description

    Greetings All,

    Just committed a new Magic Mirror Module to GitHub:

    The module will let you pick between streaming video or auto-updating snapshots. You can also pick 4 different sizes to render with. Only want to show one or two of your camera’s and ignore the rest? That’s doable too.

    I tried to make the setup easy by creating a bash script that walked you through creating a Nest API token for your mirror.


    • video mode may not autoplay for all devices, as some devices require user interaction before video content will play. This is why I created the other mode …

    • image mode will automatically update every three seconds with the latest snapshot from your security camera. Three seconds seemed about the fasted I could fetch the update and get a new image from Nest. I also made sure to load the image into memory first before updating the DOM, so there should not be any flickering as the images from your security camera are updated.

    If you have any idea or suggestions on how to make this better, hit me up on GitHub or Twitter.




  • thank you !

  • Does this require the camera to be shared publicly?

  • Will this work with Nest Hello? Does this require a public url, similar to the iFrame solution?

  • Hi, Awesome you build this!!! I’ve been trying to use it but it just doesn’t work. I followed the instructions carefully and created the project in the nest developer site, got the code by executing the file you included and then I copied and pasted the code it gave me:

    module: “MMM-Nest-Camera”,
    position: “middle_center”,
    config: {
    token: “mytoken” }

    When I launch the MagicMirror, it displays a nest icon in the middle center with 3 dots, but it doesn’t display anything, Ive also change the code for this one:

    module: “MMM-Nest-Camera”,
    position: “middle_center”,
    config: {
    token: “mytoken”,
    mode: ‘video’}

    little help please? 🙂


  • I was able to get this to work in image mode only (video mode will not actually play the video).

    I had to do a totally removal of the module, reinstall of the module and a refresh of MM. When I did a reboot, the token seemed to stop working.

    Also, the public URL IS required for this.

  • What are the steps for the nest developers section?
    I don’t know where I would get the Support URL from? Would that be the public ip of my magic mirror?

    [update] n/m finally got that it was a support url

  • @tagriel I am having same problem. Were you able to resolve this? Or find another module to work?

  • Module Developer

    @eawalker1 You could try my nest-cameras module:

    It autoplays the video.

    Bear in mind that if you want to view a Nest camera video stream, the camera will need to be publicly shared - it doesn’t matter which MM module you use, there’s no getting around this currently.

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