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MMM-Nest-Thermostat: Display Nest Thermostats in Magic Mirror

  • Greetings,

    Just wrapped up a new Magic Mirror Module that adds Nest Thermostats.



    • Fetches all thermostats in your house
    • Can be displayed in one of four sizes
    • Cherry-pick which thermostats to display
    • Shows current status and temperature of thermostats
    • There is also a bash script to help generate the Nest API Token

  • Hi , I am new to MagicMirror. just try to install the Nest. Mirror would not start and indicated that it need config file.
    my entry in config file as follow

          		module: :"MMM-Nest-Thermostat",
          		position: "top_right",
          		config: {
            	token: ."c.xxxxxxE4jV1tO4jKqyLwTIosBXxEtewFAfLNxLUAM4JY574ZhZGNmdHBn4t0ysH9ngIg2081ATeJfrlKQ" ,
            	size: 'medium',
            	onlineOnly: true,
            	roomFilter: ['']

    May you help and what go wrong? Thanks inadvance

  • Moderator

    There is a : too much in the module line, and there is a dot before the token value

  • Hi, I installed this new Nest thermostat module and i’m very happy with it, but it never seems to update. I connected and it is showing the thermostats i have correctly, but i never updates itself from there. I have the updateInterval set to 6000, but still nothing. I took the token out just for viewing purposes. Any thoughts on why this isn’t updating info?

          		module: 'MMM-Nest-Thermostat',
          		position: 'lower_third',
          		config: {
            			token: "xxxxxxxxxx",
            			size: 'mini',
            			onlineOnly: true,
            			roomFilter: [''],
    				updateInterval: 6000

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