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How to run MagicMirror step by step on Raspberry pi zero

  • Hey guys, I’m all new to this stuff. I have just bought a raspberry pi zero w and don’t know how to set it up with magic mirror and serveronly mode. Can someone please guide me on how to do it. I’m only 14 and really want to make something cool. can someone please help me step my step to get this working.


  • @alessandroiacovella After trying a number of things I finally starting writing down all of my steps and I worked out this. These are the instructions for installing MM2 onto a Raspberry Pi - I used a Pi 3 B+ but the instructions should be exactly the same for a Zero. I am also using a Mac to flash a brand spanking new OS (Raspbian) onto the SD card. You can find lots of instructions on the internet for doing this step and I assume you already know how. I used Etcher after downloading the OS and it was a piece of cake… Here are the instructions - but keep in mind that you do NOT type in the prompt (’$’ or ‘#’) when the prompt is shown, just the text after the prompt. Things that should not be typed I tried to make bold or italic, so that it was clear they were just notes to you, not something to type into the Pi.

    Rather than re-format this, here is the link for the Google Doc: How to Install MagicMirror onto a Raspberry Pi

    Hope this helps!

    (note: in step 5.j you have a long line to type, not 2 lines. You should type, at the “#” prompt, "bash -c “$(curl -sL https://…)” as a single line.)

  • Thanks i’ll try now

  • @jctj

    I followed your document line by line while sshing into the pi but after step 5 i get message
    “Sorry, your Raspberry Pi is not supported.
    Please run MagicMirror on a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3.
    If this is a Pi Zero, you are in the same boat as the original Raspberry Pi. You must run in server only mode.”

    How to go ahead of this ?

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