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Running Docker

  • I installed docker according to the installation guide (
    I can see its running in docker, is I run a log I don’t see any errors, and I have created a config.js and added my IP to the whitelist.

    The log even says “Ready to go! Point your browser to…”

    But I cannot get to the page to display at myip:8080, it just says site cannot be reached. What am I missing?

    I am running this on a Ubuntu Virtual Machine.

  • when u started the docker container, did u use this parm from the doc

    --publish 80:8080 \

    if so, the the address in your browser should be myip:80

    the --publish is host_port_number : container_port_number

    if u want the same port on the host as the container do

    --publish 8080:8080 \

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