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MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall installation issue

  • Re: Mirror mirror on the wall alexa skill

    @joanaz Hi there i am stuck at the testing of the Alexa skill part.
    I did follow the instruction step by step and to the T (great documentation work y the way … wow thank you) and when i got the the testing part and inputting “on the wall” on the Alexa Developer Console all i get is “There was a problem with requested skills response” and on the “json output” window all i get is “null”.
    I tried to backtrack my steps and see where i might have made a mistake and i cant seem to find where!!

    Where should i start troubleshooting any ideas?? All help will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

  • Hey @richland007 The installation is hard 🙂 had the same problems with it. Did you changed your aws iot username or is it MirrorMirror? Did you changed anything?Or whats the name standing infront of your cert files?

  • @havannasurf @joanaz Ok what AwS IoT username are you referring to and where??
    My Lambda function is called MMotW when i try to test the Lamda function i get these errors for logs
    I followed all the instructions to the T so i used the exact same names as per instructions …i did not change anything that was not written there in the instructions …was i was supposed to change any?
    What names in cert files are we talking about?
    Here is what my certs and src insides look like 🙂

    Let get this done 🙂


  • Anyone that got this module figured out and wokring please help me