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MMM-MyRadio is silent

  • I am making a MagicMirror 2.4.1 with MMM-Myradio 1.01 on RPI 3, to have RadioParadise playing.
    Installation worked like a charm. Config was easy (and got the scripts set x-ecutable)
    But, not a sound.
    If I run the manually, It plays the stream, and RDS data appears in the app.
    When I CTRL+C the stream it stops.

    What have I missed something in the installation ?

  • Module Developer

    Did you make tue. sh Scripts executable?
    See of Module.

    Make sure that all scripts in “scripts” folder are set as executable!


  • They are executable.
    That’s what is so puzzling.
    The scripts work, when run manually.
    But I am not able to run them through Myradio