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RGB light changing during day

  • Hello guys,
    I have just installed a led strip (the one with individual r,g,b channels and a 12 volt channel) and I was looking for a module capable of controlling it (maybe using pigpio).
    My goal was something that starts at morning with a certain color (ex: warm light), than during day time the lights fade away (until they shut off), than during evening they fade in with another color (ex: cold light) until they fade away one last time during night.
    Any suggestions on existing modules?

  • Module Developer

    Hello Lorenzo,

    Is this a topic for the magic mirror or for the Raspberry PI?
    There are enough websites where you can find this information.

  • It’s probably just about raspberry pi, not MMM…
    The problem is that I am not able to find any scripts like this that works with my type of led

  • Module Developer

    Hello Lorenzo,

    I am working on a RGB(W) module on a ESP32 that controls the LEDS it will be available as I can foresee the beginning of next week.

    RGB(W) Control for ESP32/MQTT

    It is off topic on this forum so contact me through github.

  • In case you already have a pi laying around next to the LED’s you can obviously use it. Otherwise I would tend to a microcontroller like the ESP32 or a arduino (since it already has quite some examples online and is less expensive and power hungry than a pi)

    Since it is really just time based. You can basically just check the time (on pi just use system time with a microcontroller a RTC would be the way to go) and then just change the RGB LED color. So in general you just need to check some examples depending on which platform you use, but on neither of them it will be complicated, just search for a example using the same RGB Led type.
    You can obviously use it with MQTT like in @Charley 's example. Although when you really just want to change the color time based and do not want to change the times and color shemes all the time I don’t think MQTT akes much sence

  • Module Developer

    Hello Max,

    Following up on your message on topic
    I have update the ESP RGBw control with timers. Now it does it all.

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