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MMM-NOAA3 - No icon

  • Hello,

    My MMM-NOAA3 module is working partially, the four days forecast does not show up and the Icon at the top does not appear. How can I fix it? Thanks


  • You can mark this as solved…it was 😉 Make sure you have ALL the icon images in your directory 🙂

  • @cowboysdude How do we make sure of that???.. cause i have the same problem and the text its a little bit too large i think and not aligned properly with the rest of the modules …i have it positioned “top_right”


    Always Thankful for your buddy

  • @cowboysdude How do i fix the formatting of this module please …have a look at the picture above it seems like its working but it is kinda jacked 🙂

  • It does not give the name of the city but the weather background and the icon are visible… so the Name of the city and the 4 day forecast is missing also the alignment is messed up with large letters is not properly centered at all

  • Looks like something else is messing it up…what’s in your custom.css file?

    and/or do you have a css file defined in your config section in NOAA?

  • @cowboysdude On my MM custom.css file i added the following later on after taking @Sean advice to enhance the background and the contours of the modules

     * Magic Mirror                                      *
     * Custom CSS                                        *
     *                                                   *
     * By Michael Teeuw           *
     * MIT Licensed.                                     *
     *                                                   *
     * Add any custom CSS below.                         *
     * Changes to this files will be ignored by GIT. *
     body {
    .module {
      border-radius: 20px;

    on my config.js file under MMM-NOAA3 i have

    css: "NOAA3",                   // THIS MUST CONTAIN A CSS STYLE NAME 

    I tried changing it to other NOAA styles such as 4 etc. and adding MMM-NOAA3 or MMM-NOAA3.css within the parenthesis but no change.


    Should i uninstall it and installed again??
    i have the version that works with the MMM-WeatherBackground from @Sean and the background does work correctly to whatever the weather says.

    Thanks again for your help

  • @richland007 Totally delete that install something went VERY wrong there.

    Delete the entire directory and go another ‘git clone’…
    Go to MMM-NOAA3 and type ‘npm install’…

  • @cowboysdude Re-did everything as you said but no change same result, same look, no forecast
    I deleted the whole directory git clone again… no luck

  • What provider are you using?