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MM to run only between certain times

  • I am building a MM for my child based on a Pico projector and RPI. I would like the screen to come on at a certain time and then switch off at X time. For example start at 06:30 and close at 08:30 to avoid burning the projector.

    Basically I’m building this into an R2 D2 shell, which will wake up with a Leia video (dubbed), then display weather/time for an hour or so and then shut off the projector/screen.

    In theory I’d like this sequence in crontab:

    06:30 switch on projector via USB relay
    06:32 play leia.mp4 via omxplayer
    06:34 load Magic Mirror
    08:30 unload Magic Mirror
    08:31 switch off projector via USB relay

    How can I control Magic Mirror from crontab??

    Should I play the video alarm before MM or within MM??

    Any suggestion would be most welcome.



  • Module Developer

  • Thank you Jim, I will try those. Ideally I would like to go from Desktop to MM via crontab and back, without having to brute force it via pkill or similar.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    I need to be able run the relay scripts, or if connected to a monitor the vcgencmd command before and after MM.



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