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Window size and position / Configuration with arrays in general

  • Hi!

    I’m the one who filed, which added single configuration options like window_x, window_y, window_height, etc …

    MichMich’s recommendation was to use an array like

    window: {
    width: 1920,
    height: 1080,
    x: 0,
    y: 0

    … which as such would be fine, but horrible to override.

    As the config-loading code uses Object.assign(defaults, config) to override defaults from the config, the whole Array would have to be given - even if only one option would be needed.

    As it would be awesome to just take the whole Array passed to the BrowserWindow call, a generic way of overriding individual defaults Array entries (including unsetting some) from the config would be nice. I’m currently having trouble wrapping my head around this, so I’m reaching out 🙂



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