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Junior High Teaching Demonstration

  • I’m bringing my DIY smart mirror with voice assistant to my junior high classroom. What kind of science and tech discussions can I use to teach about? Looking for pointers

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    As a teacher I can tell you several 🙂

    You can talk about technology… microprocessors and how many millions of commands they execute per millisecond, memory, how what used to fill a room you can now put on a simple little SD card.

    Science - flow of electricity and how it all works for computers, how small tech is allowing for things such as medicine, communications and even how to make your home ‘smarter’ and use less energy.

    Health, entertainment [movies, sports]

    For an exercise let them come up with an idea how to use tech to make their lives easier…

    I could go on and on but I think you get the jist 😉

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