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MM booting to black

  • Hi,
    Still getting to know this device. I had it working exactly the way I wanted to (almost - PIR still isn’t working, but thats another story).
    My current problem is I have MMM-NFL in the middle screen and want to use Carousel to change it out to MMM-NHL every 5 minutes or so. Installed the Carousel module, rebooted and after the ‘road’ picture, instead of opening the usual screen, it goes to black and I cannot recover from it. I tried opening the config.js but the screen jumps to black after a few seconds. I just need to get access to find the error.

  • Module Developer

    @dwleo can you ssh into the mirror?
    If you access the mirror directly type in

    pm2 stop mm

    to stop the mirror.
    Lokk for a response that the mm fork has been stopped. If you got an error, look for the process name using

    pm2 status

    However I think it’s best to ssh into the mirror.

    As soon as you have control 🙂 go into the MagicMirror folder and type

    npm run config:check

    Look if there is an error message, go into the config.js and try to solve it.
    If you don’t know what to do, post your config withoit sensitive information

  • Thanks lavolp3,
    I am too new on this. What is ssh?

  • Module Developer

    @dwleo Oh boy, you’re really new to this 🙂
    How can i describe?

    You’ve got a lot to learn young padawan

  • @lavolp3
    OK. I cannot ssh directly into the mirror. Once it goes through the bootup process, it goes black and I cannot get out of it. If I could, I could probably correct the error.

  • @lavolp3
    Also while booting up, in the ‘road pic’ phase, I got to click at the menu bar for the cmd screen and typed in pm2 stop mm. Just before the screen went black I got an error msg stating ‘process mm not found’. Then it quickly went to black.

  • Module Developer

    @dwleo You need to access the mirror from another device to “ssh into it”. Read the info from the link.
    Will make things easier.

    Regarding pm2, you can find out the name of the process entering

    pm2 list

    or just try killing the process using

    pm2 stop all

    Not sure if this works.

  • @lavolp3 cannot get pm stop all to work. It gives ‘process stop all not found’.
    As to ssh, all derivatives of this, either command line or remote, requires some additions to Raspberry and I cannot get that as I cannot get a command line.
    All I need is to stop the boot up process just prior to MM booting up.

  • @dwleo OK. I got in and will try to edit the config.js file somehow.

  • @dwleo That was a convoluted effort but it did the trick.
    Thanks lavolp3

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