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Magic Mirror 2 oder windows

  • Hi, I’m new here. I am andy and would like to build a Magic Mirror too.
    Since my English is a bit rusty, I first have to make do with a translator. I hope that is no problem.
    I already have some experience with programming a rapeberry.
    Now I ask myself the question if I should work Magic Mirror2 or with Windows. I would like to realize a lot on the mirror, but I can not get out which advantages and disadvantages the two systems offer. I hope you can help me.
    I would like to have the following things on the mirror
    Face recognition I my wife my son and visitors for personal greeting.
    possibly also with voice output.

    I hope for support.

    MFG Andy

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    I haven’t heard of running it directly on windows, rather using the Raspberry as a server, and any browser as the client.

    If you’ve got a strong enough Raspberry, there isn’t a good enough reason to run it anywhere other than the Raspberry itself, in my view.

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    @andyloop If you want to have facial recognition, then definitely look at running Windows on an ATX board. The facial recognition libraries available on the Raspberry Pi work but are incredibly slow, even on the latest generation Pi.

    That said, installing on a Pi is incredibly straightforward. There’s a single script that will get you up and running. For Windows you’ll need to do a manual install. Not difficult, but you may run into issues that require some research to fix.

    If I can give you my recommendation based on my experience, install on a Pi and forget about facial recognition. While it’s really cool, it turned out to be not so useful. The information that both my wife and I found useful turned out to be more or less the same. Both of us wanted to see our calendar for the day, weather conditions, commute times, notes, etc. So having separate displays per person really only came down to being greeted by name. The only real difference is I wanted to see a sports scoreboard while she didn’t. Facial recognition turned out to be a whole lot of effort to just hide a single module.

    Maybe there are other ways to do that – I haven’t done this myself, but maybe there’s a way using bluetooth. Maybe display profile is triggered by your phone being within a certain range of the mirror. Perhaps voice is another way to do it. Maybe you could have a module that could recognize who was speaking when you said “Good Morning!” and your display profile changes accordingly.

    I hope this helps!

  • @j-e-f-f said in Magic Mirror 2 oder windows:

    ungen, Pe

    Hello thank you for the feedback. The face recognition I wanted to use the personal texts are displayed. There are indeed the module comments are displayed. In the end, I thought that I have a sensor that turns on the mirror when someone is in front of it and then just knows who is in front of it.
    Small gimmicks must be like snow in the Advent season. In programming and problems, I always read myself to the emergency until I find something. Now for the new one:

    I’m looking for you now. Now I have discovered more.
    If I understand correctly, there are 3 possibilities that come into question with me.

    1. I found Home Assistant. this tool can seem to work with my plex and could also show the current status of the apartment. Light from phillips HUE and temperatures from Homematic IP. In addition, the software on the Blutooth recognizes who is at home. However, I believe that I can integrate the Magic Mirror² only as an addon. How compatible that then with the MM modules I do not know.

    2. Install Magic Mirror² and then all the modules you want.

    3. The windows solution. then I would have to run the rapsberry only as a client. Eventually there would also be a Pi 1 because I still have 2 lying around. I already have a Windows 7 computer that is only there for Plex and 24/7 runs. or you take a small mini PC. The question is what works best.

    I just remember when I make a central server then I need only clients and could hang so 2 mirrors to a central without everything twice to install. to the next point, I then have a web interface to configure.

    I hope I’m right. I am undecided what to build. everything that I imagine to be able to implement.

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    @andyloop I’m pretty sure a module already exists to integrate with Home Assitant. Check here for a list of all the available modules:

    As for running multiple clients against a single server, this is certainly possible, but not all of the modules are designed to handle multiple instances. It’s hit or miss in this regard. Your safest approach is to have full client and server on each mirror you wish to build.

  • Hello thanks for the information.
    I would be most pleased about a face recognition.
    All in all, the mirror is supposed to display personal comments. All around, the standard modules should be displayed. Incorporate Eventeull Home Assistant for the housing status indicator. Light and heating.
    I think it would be best that there is a Hauptserver, since I have already run a Win 7 computer and eventeull then also a Web UI. Which modules then nciht run I would have to test. just thought that the Pi as a client does not have to do so much to cope with everything. Just retrieve and even the detection runs smoothly.

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    @andyloop said in Magic Mirror 2 oder windows:

    just thought that the Pi as a client does not have to do so much to cope with everything. Just retrieve and even the detection runs smoothly.

    I think in a separated client-server setup, it might actually make facial recognition a bit more difficult. You’ll want to offload all of the image processing to the windows machine which is assumedly faster at that task. You’d want to write you own library to do the image capture on the Pi and send it to the server for the recognition processing, and to in turn to wait for the appropriate response to signal MagicMirror. Also not sure what facial recognition libraries exist for windows, so it’s going to take some research.

    Home Assistant doesn’t need to run on the same physical pi as the mirror. That can be its own standalone Raspberry Pi, and the HomeAssitant module can integrate with it.

  • Oh, I somehow sorted it wrong the whole time.
    heist Home Assistant I can put on the Windows 7 computer to relieve the teuil the PI.
    I can only set up Magic Mirror with magic Mirror² and then install the desired modules and then run them completely independently.
    PIR sensor to switch on motion and camera to detect everything placed on the PI.

  • Hello.
    So I thought. I think in order to keep things running smoothly I would build the following.

    A Pi3 for Homeassistent.
    And a PI3 only for Magic Mirror.

    So everyone has their own system for working. Everything else is then networking.

    So I could build my 2 mirrors then only need all the information.
    As already mentioned. if I have everything on a device and then attach clients could be difficult if jemadn in the bathroom in front of the mirror and in the hall in front of mirror. In addition, I suspect that then the system could hang.
    The Win 7 offers, although it is always on and has enough power but could crash everything then nothing works.

    So it comes for the time being 2 Pi3 if that works then another for the bathroom. I think that is the most meaningful

  • Hello. So now I realize that I’m a bit rusty. Must read in a lot. But find nothing suitable.

    Everywhere I look the cofigutration.yaml looks different than mine. to which I have tried to connect Plex. In WebUI was already the default in it, unfortunately I have there probably a mistake in the password. now I’ve been trying to find this confog. Without success. Exactly as I make change in Home Assistant does not seem to notice.

    Weather and such things I can not change nciht. The map for tracking is gray. Seems as if it is not available. Somehow I have some hurdles to overcome and I can not really keep up. Do not want to constantly reinstall and re-link everything. does jemad have an idea what I’m doing wrong?
    thank you all and happy holidays

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