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MMM-MyCommute - Google blocked!

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    Attn: @j-e-f-f

    I’m having a problem with MMM-MyCommute - Google has blocked my API usage, because my bank blocked them from hitting my card so hard that the police was called… Seriously.

    My bank has shut down my credit card due to fraud, called the police, and opened a report with them because Google has kept authorizing small amounts on my credit card then releasing it (I’m assuming they’re constantly checking if the card is valid). They’re considering it fraud, and they told me that if I re-authorize Google to use my bank account, they’ll close the account.

    Google has responded by cancelling my API usage.

    Therefore, I can no longer use google as a data provider. Is there another provider option for this, or am I stuck?

    If I’m stuck, is there another module that has like functionality, but from a SP that won’t pound my card like Ronda Rousey on fight night?


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    @bkeyport Sorry to hear about that! Since the move I haven’t owned a car and thus haven’t really had a need for this module. So I haven’t looked at it in a long time.

    A quick Google search has turned this up:

    Hopefully one of them can be used instead. I’m likely not going to attempt a rewrite. It’s taking all my time just to keep the modules I still use up to date 🙂 Hopefully someone here can fork it to use one of these.

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    Yeah, just something I can’t figure out for now. Thanks anyway. I’ll disable it and put it on my “maybe to do later” list.

  • Thanks all for your responses. i was having similar questions and your answers were helpful to me.

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