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Help Me To Get Lucy Working

  • I’m looking for some help with Lucy I’ve got MMM-voice working, I’ve installed the three Lucy files but I really can’t figure out how to do Pages and add Modules to appear and disappear. Help would be much appreciated, Lucy is taxing my tiny brain 🧠 😂

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    Ok, let’s start with a single module. What module would you like to use with Hello-Lucy? We’ll get that to SHOW and HIDE first.

    And just so you are aware, there is a list of modules in the ReadMe file that work by default

  • @mykle1 thanks, MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic please once I know how to do it I can take care of the other modules I have 😊 thanks I appreciate your help

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    I have to run out to dinner. When I return I will post a reply. 👍

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    @dazza120 said in Help Me To Get Lucy Working:


    In the MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic.js file, add this if/else if statement to the notificationReceived function or the entire thing after the close of the getDom. (see readme)

    notificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
            if (notification === 'HIDE_TRAFFIC') {
            }  else if (notification === 'SHOW_TRAFFIC') {

    Now open the new node helper that you put in the MMM-voice folder Add this at about line 429 (choose a blank line) . You’ll see other just like it

    else if (/(SHOW)/g.test(data) && /(TRAFFIC)/g.test(data)) {
            } else if (/(HIDE)/g.test(data) && /(TRAFFIC)/g.test(data)) {


    Now open the new MMM-voice.js file that you put in your MMM-voice folder Add this to the sentences array


    Now go to about line 431 (choose a blank line)

            else if (notification === 'HIDE_TRAFFIC') {
            else if (notification === 'SHOW_TRAFFIC') {

  • @mykle1 said in Help Me To Get Lucy Working:

    else if (notification === ‘HIDE_TRAFFIC’) {
    else if (notification === ‘SHOW_TRAFFIC’) {

    Hi as soon as i add those lines i’m no longer able to see the mic and lucy stops working i used an online json editor and it says line 429 is } else if AND 431 is MM.getModules ive tried every blank space here but it just breaks everytime, done all the other bits which seem ok as its not broken the voice module just adding the lines above seems to kill it. If i add the default lucy clock and calendar i can’t get them to appear and dissapear at will, i can hide ALL modules or show all modules only 😞

     } else if (notification === 'HIDE_PAGE_ONE') {
         MM.getModules().enumerate((module) => {

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    Ok, the readme needs to be updated so the line numbers weren’t quite correct (My bad). I’ve taken the liberty of adding GoogleMapsTraffic to the defaults of Hello-Lucy. It was just easier for me than trying to explain things here.

    1. Get a new copy of the Hello-Lucy repo.
    2. In the MMM-voice replacement files folder is your new MMM-voice.js file and node_helper.
    3. In the Replacement module files folder is your new MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic.js file.

    Replace your current files with the files above.

    Any of my modules will work by default, after having installed them. See the Replacement module files folder for other modules that you might want to use (Ex. calendar, clock, compliments, newsfeed etc)

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    Video quality is pretty bad but I’ve been working on a single, full page module specifically for my system and Hello-Lucy. The orange-ish square (bottom center) is an enlarged CPU core image containing the temperatures of each core.


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    If only the video quality was this good. Click on images for a better view.



  • @mykle1 thank you very much! At the bottom google traffic bit in the mmm-voice.js folder can I just add new modules underneath it? PS that looks good, it’s not a pi then lol, thanks for your help 🙂

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