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Full Length Bathroom Mirror Build

  • Hi All!

    I wanted to share my thanks for all of the posts I researched when building my mirror. Here is what I ended up building…

    26 in x 60 in Pilkington Mirropane
    40 in garbage TV from Walmart

    I wanted to give this as a gift for my wife, and I didn’t want to have a large box built around the mirror. I chose a location in our bathroom that had a closet on the other side. This allowed me to set the TV into the wall and mount the mirror flush against the wall.

    To do list:
    - Turn on the TV on a schedule or via my inputs from my Smartthings hub. The crap TV i bought doesn’t have an option to turn back on when the power is killed. I’m not sure if I’ll build a little IR transmitter or hotwire the physical power button to my Rpi via a relay.
    - I would love to find a IFTTT plugin to turn on or off modules via Alexa. I tried to do the Amazon Alexa mirrormirroronthewall module but failed to get it working.
    - The Mirropane is dark and does a great job hiding light bleed from the tv. but it’s also hard to see the bottom modules when standing in full light. I may need to remove the bezel from the tv to get it closer to the mirror.
    - I’m getting some light behind the mirror because of the small gap. Once I’m happy I may silicone or something around the edge of the mirror to block light.

    0_1545932105224_Hole in the wall.jpg

    0_1545932124227_TV In Wall.jpg

    0_1545932157270_Mirror on the wall.jpg

    0_1545932173897_Lights Off.jpg

    0_1545932350874_Upper Corner.jpg

    0_1545932370311_Bottom Corner.jpg

    Thanks for everyone’s help!!

  • Project Sponsor

    That is quite the tub.

    And the mirror is pretty awesome, BTW.

  • @bhepler We are the third owner of this house. The first owner never used it, the second owner used it once with their grandkids, and we have used it once in the two years we have been here. Our hot water heater isn’t big enough to fill it… stupid

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